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Move In Information

  • Application Fee: $30 for each adult (18 & older) that will be living in the property. The application can be found HERE.

  • Security Deposit: All of our security deposits are equal to ONE month's rent. If the rental rate of the property you are interested in is $600/month, the Security Deposit is $600. The Security Deposit is due at the time you sign the lease.

  • Pet Fee/Additional Security Deposit: If the property you are renting allows pets and you are bringing up to two pets, there will be a fee/deposit due at the time the lease is signed. Pet fees and deposits can vary from property to property; however our standard policy is: $250 non-refundable pet fee for the 1st pet and an additional $250 added to the Security Deposit for the 2nd pet. Whether pets are allowed at a certain property can be found on the property's page.

  • Cleaning Fee: Each property has cleaning fee that is due at the time the lease is signed. The fee will vary based on size of the property. Check the property page to see what the cleaning fee is for a particular property.

  • Utility Deposits/Connect Fees: Check with the utility companies that service the property you are going to rent to see what they require. Utility companies can be found on the property page. In order to pick-up keys on your move-in date, utilities must be transferred into your name, and you must supply us with a receipt showing it has been done.

  • 1st Month's Rent: The 1st month's rent is due the day you would like to move-in or pick-up your keys. Rent is always due on the 1st of each month; therefore if you are moving in on a day other than the 1st of the month, your rent will be pro-rated.

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