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Tenant Information
Policies, Procedures & Information
(This is not a conclusive list)


Exterior Appearance

Visible exterior areas around the rental property such as decks, stairs, porches, railings and grounds are to be kept free of all items that clutter and detract form the appearance of the property. This includes, but is not limited to: trash, boxes, storage receptacles, trash containers, yard tools, and personal property, etc. Unfortunately we cannot allow trampolines because of the liability to the home owner. 



Violations to the lease agreement can result an eviction. Such violations include, but are not limited to, property destruction, unlawful activity of any kind, pets where not allowed, late or absent rent payment, failure to maintain the yard, etc. Please keep a copy of your lease for your reference. Rent not paid on or before the 10th of the month will result in eviction within 5 days.


Moving In

Prior to receiving the keys to move in the tenant must have signed the lease, paid the security deposit in full as well as the first month's rent, and show proof that all the utilties have been switched into their name. Tenant is strongly encouraged to thoroughly fill out the move-in form and return it within 7 days to avoid charges at move out. Tenant should bring to our attention immediate repair requests.


Moving Out

Tenants are required to give a 30 day written notice to move out. The property should be left squeeky clean, carpets professionally cleaned and all trash and debris removed. The security deposit will be returned within 30 days after the end of the lease agreement or 30 days from when keys are turn in, whichever is later. Tenant should leave a forwarding address to avoid a delay in receiving their security deposit. We will send the check to the last known address on file.


Lawn Care

Unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement, it is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the yard. This includes regular grass cutting, bush trimming and weed eating. If a tenant allows the yard to become overgrown and Cope Property Management has to pay someone for lawn care, the tenant will be billed for the services. Nonpayment for the service and/or failure to maintain the yard mayl result in eviction.


Lease Termination

Should a tenant desire to terminate a lease prior to the lease end date, it must first be agreed upon by all parties involved. The lessee will automatically forfeit the entire security deposit and remain repsonsible for the entire lease period until another resident has been placed in the unit. We will put the unit on our available list; however, other vacant properties may take priority. In SOME cases, if the tenant will provide a FULL 30 days written notice stating their intentions to terminate the lease, they may be released from the agreement without being held liable for the remaining months. In either case the security deposit will be forfeited.



If you would like to paint the interior or exterior of the rental home, you must have permission in writting from the Cope Property Management prior to painting. In most cases the color will need to be approved.



Pets are prohibited unless allowed in the terms of the lease. Upon inspecting the property, if a pet is found and there is property damage caused by the pet, the tenant will have 14 days to remedy the damages and permanently remove the pet from the premises. Failure to do so may result in termination of the lease agreement and eviction. The tenant would still be liable per the terms of the lease agreement until another tenant is found.


Property Inspections

It is our policy to inspect the property at least quarterly. The tenant will be notified in writing at least 24 hours before an inspection. It is not our intention to surprise a tenant and show up without warning. Landlord tenant laws does allow us to enter the property in the event of emergency without a 24 hour notice.


Residential Rental Agreement

Residential Rental Agreements are required for all our properties. The standard term is 12 months. Exceptions may be made only with the owner's approval.


Rental Application

Each perspective tenant will be required to fill out a rental application even if their name is not on the lease. A $30 rental application fee is required of each individual over 18 who will be living in the property. It is important that accurate information is provided. Lying on the rental application is reason to dismiss the applicant. Proof of income is required via bank statements and/or pay stubbs. Tenants will also be screened for prior evictions and criminal records.


Renter's Insurance

Tenants are encouraged to obtain Renter's Insurance to cover their belongings in the event of fire or damage of any kind. The property owner's insurance will NOT cover your belongings for any reason.


Rent Payment & Late Fees

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. If not paid by the 5th, a $10.00 per day late fee is assessed.. Please be advised that rent not paid by the 5th can result in immediate eviction proceedings.  Rent not received by the 10th may result in termination of the lease agreement and eviciton filing within 5 days.. Please contact our office if you foresee difficulty paying the rent on time. We do offer a Promise to Pay agreement to assist in rent payments.


Repairs & Maintenance

The property owners prefer that major repairs, and remodeling be handled by the property management company. If the tenant is a competent contractor and would like to make repairs beyond normal maintenance, the tenant must get permission to do so. Repair requests should be presented in writing either via our website contact form, email or letter either mailed or hand delivered. We do our best to initiate all repairs within 24 hours; however we cannot predict the availability of our contractors. Tenants will be held responsible for the cost of repair items caused by intentional acts, neglect or carelessness and if a service call is made but there was nothing wrong and/or nothing to repair.

Security Deposit

Security deposits in the amount of a minimum of 1 month's rent are required for each property and are due at the signing of the lease agreement. The security deposit is refunded to the tenant within 30 days after the property is surrendered or the end of the agreement whichever is later. Deductions from the security deposit can include cleaning, carpet cleaning, unpaid rent or late fees, fines, damages, not returning keys, etc. If charges to the tenant exceed the security deposit, the tenant will be sent a bill (due within 30 days). Outstanding charges not paid within 60 days will be turned over to our collection agency.


Utilities & Pest Control

Utilities and pest control are the responsibility of the tenant. Please have utilities changed into you name as soon as possible.  You will have 2 days from the date of the lease before utilities will be disconnected.



All vehicles parked on the property or along the roadside must have current a current license.  It is unlawful to have a visibly parked car without a tag

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